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Fair Trade Advocates

Fair Trade Advocates is our term for people who want to go beyond buying goods from us and to actively collaborate with us in our quest to make trade fairer wherever we can. There are two elements to this vital role:

a) Selling  and 
b) Telling 

The selling part involves selling products from We Are Fair Trade at the back of church and other venues. This is a great way to raise awareness of the issues surrounding fair trade and also helps support our business so that we can produce and sell an increasing range of fairly traded products.

The telling part is about raising awareness of the issues around fair trade through talks, social media posts, blogs and articles. This is a great and low cost way to help more people understand how vital it is to support producers and growers in the Global South as well as the people who keep the fair trade pipeline flowing.

If you are interested in becoming a Fair Trade Advocate then please click here to fill in our questionnaire

How the scheme works

There are 3 main levels in our Fair Trade Advocates scheme: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Anyone who passes the application process and has 3 months trading history with us will be allocated to one of those levels as follows:

Average monthly spend with us is between £30 and £100.

  • 2% discount on all orders, over £30, using the silver level discount code.
  • 5 Free Catalogues

Average monthly spend with us is between £100 and £200.

  • 4% discount on all orders, over £30, using theGold level discount code.
  • 10 Free Catalogues

Average monthly spend with us is over £200.

  • 6% discount on all orders, over £30, using thePlatinum level discount code.
  • 15 Free Catalogues

Provisional Membership is awarded to anyone who passes the application process but does not have enough trading history with us for us to determine their correct membership level.

  • No discount
  • 1Free Catalogue

All levels of membership receive the following benefits:

  • Regular webinars, exclusively for Fair Trade Advocates.
  • A free Fair Trade Advocate poster to put on your sales table or counter*.
  • Support materials to help you share the message of fair trade*.
  • Access to speaking aids such as Microsoft Powerpoint and Apple Keynote decks, informative videos etc.*
  • A free copy of any catalogues we produce
  • Occasional free samples to help you promote new products
  • Fair Trade Advocate-specific emails with product updates and news
 *Coming soon

We will review the accounts of Provisional members as soon as they have enough trading history (usually 3 months) for us to determine their appropriate membership level. Once we have determined their membership level we will subtract the appropriate discount from their last 3-month's worth of orders and refund it to them.

From that point on, they will be able to use the discount code allocated to their membership level on all orders over £30.

We will evaluate all memberships just prior to launching any Christmas or Easter catalogues and adjust accordingly.

If your average monthly spend has dropped, it is possible that we will need to drop your membership to a lower level but we will apply grace to the calculation and endeavour to offer you the largest discount level we think is fair.