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About us

We are the UK's newest fair trade retailer but we were formed out of the ashes of Traidcraft PLC - the UK's original Fair Trade vendor.
We are a small team of highly dedicated Fair Trade advocates. Most of us worked at Traidcraft and we therefore have a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities of running a Fairtrade business.
We also have strong link with producers and suppliers across the globe.
Traidcraft was founded as a Christian response to trade poverty and we are continuing that mission. We are motivated by God's care and compassion for the poor and oppressed and we see it as our Christian duty to channel our anger at the injustice that underpins many of our trading frameworks into a practical response.
We also recognise that many people of other faiths (and no faith) feel the same way and we are excited to collaborate with them in any way we can that will make trading fairer for everyone.
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