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What does our name mean?

Our company name and the triangular shape of our logo represent the overlap of three vital components that constitute a Fair Trade business:

The principle that we should trade fairly with growers, producers and manufacturers in the Global South. This principle can be implemented in a number of ways:

The Fairtrade Foundation authenticates producers, wholesalers and retailers who adhere to its protocols and pay membership fees. These products are labelled with the “Fairtrade” logo.


The ‘Fairtrade” scheme is not always achievable or affordable for producers and retailers but they still want to support the underlying principle. In such cases their products are traded under the banner of “Fairly Traded”. There is a set of 10 guiding principles that anyone trading under this banner should endeavour to abide by.

Occasionally, we come across producers and suppliers who would not currently qualify for the two categories above. However, they would be able to qualify with our help or supply of ingredients or they fulfil some but not all of the 10 principles of fair trading. We will engage with them on the basis that by doing so, we make another product available to our ethically minded shoppers.

Relationship with growers, producers and manufacturers who produce goods that UK ethical shoppers want to buy and who are committed to the principles of fair trade.
Those relationships may be direct or vie intermediaries such as importers and wholesalers

Our target audience is those UK shoppers who have an ethical stance and are willing to pay for products that are produced in accordance with the principles of fair trade.


We Are Fair Trade Ltd was founded to bring together these three components in a friendly, accessible and helpful website. We also want to build a strong relationship with those who are willing to be Fair Trade Advocates, using their voice and their resources to promote the cause of fair trade.

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