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Santiago Sofa Socks Charcoal

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Fairly Traded (Externally verified)

Introducing our Santiago Sofa Socks in Charcoal, the perfect addition to your cosy hygge moments at home. These chunky wool socks are designed for supreme comfort and warmth. Plus, they're not just comfy; they're eco-friendly, allowing you to embrace green fashion and reduce your heating bill.



Key Features:

  • Warm and Chunky: Our sofa socks are delightfully chunky, providing the warmth and comfort you crave during your relaxing moments at home.

  • Green Fashion: By wearing these eco-friendly wool socks, you can turn down the heating and reduce your environmental footprint while staying toasty.

  • Premium Wool: Crafted from 100% wool, these socks offer superior warmth and comfort, making them perfect for keeping your toes cozy.

  • Unlined for Breathability: While these socks are wonderfully warm, they remain unlined for breathability, ensuring your feet stay comfortable.

  • Light Home Wear: They are best suited for light wear around the home, providing comfort and style for your relaxation time.

  • Ethical and Handmade: We're proud to support Fair Trade practices and ethical craftsmanship. These sofa socks are handmade in Nepal, contributing to the livelihoods of skilled artisans.

  • Size: Sofa socks are one size UK 9-12 (EU 43-47)

Order now and enjoy warmth, style, and ethical craftsmanship as you create hygge moments in your home.


Ethical Credentials
  • Fairly Traded and verified by BAFTS
  • Creates opportunity for economically disadvantaged producers
  • Direct supplier relationships