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Fairtrade Organic Freeze Dried Decaf Medium

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Fairtrade (Externally verified)

“Organic” “Vegan” “Vegetarian”

Traidcraft decaffeinated, Organic, Fairtrade, medium roast, instant coffee is the perfect store cupboard essential. Sometimes you'd like the comforting warmth and rich flavours of a cup of coffee without the caffeine hit, and that's where decaffeinated coffee comes in!

Made from a blend of 100% Arabica, hand-picked beans from South and Central America, this freeze dried coffee is smooth and intense. This particular production is made up of a blend of freeze dried beans from Mexico, Honduras and Peru. It's as organic as coffee could be, and has even been decaffeinated using entirely natural methods. So put your feet up and indulge in the delights of hand-grown coffee without the fear of being awake all night as a result!


100% Arabica, hand-picked beans from South and Central America