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Eswatini Orange and Cinnamon Marmalade

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“Gluten “Vegetarian”

Tasty orange marmalade with a twist and a good hit of cinnamon. This marmalade tastes so good that it has won a 1 star Great Taste award. Here are some of the comments from the judges:

  • This marmalade is a lovely amber colour and a wonderful soft set. We like the large pieces of orange rind. The orange and cinnamon flavours complement each other well producing an appealing, warming eat.
  • A speckled marmalade with a strong aroma of cinnamon.
  • Visually attractive colour and cinnamon on the nose.
  • Warming and not too dominant, we love the balance of this marmalade and it has an intriguing flavour profile.

This fair trade marmalade is perfect for a cold morning, with vitamin C rich oranges and warming cinnamon to bring out the rich flavours and add a bit of extra spice to your toast with the cinnamon enhancing the sweet orange flavour.


Sugar, oranges, lemon juice, gelling agent: apple pectin, cinnamon.