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Cherry Blossom Robin Bag


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This stunning bag from Earth Squared is as practical as it is ethical. Coming in a high-quality, cherry blossom patterned canvas fabric, with a hard-wearing polyester lining, this sturdy bag is robust, tactile and perfect for carrying your essentials wherever you go!

Made by artisans in Vietnam, the vast majority of Earth Squared's fair trade bag makers were originally rice farmers earning an irregular and inconsistent wage. The rice farmers in Vietnam are very dependent on the weather and other environmental factors which are out of their control. They also have unfair supply chains to contend with; even working all day long, these farmers are still unable to earn enough money to feed their families sufficiently, or send their children to school. Working for Earth Squared gives them a fair payment, so that they and their communities can thrive.


Ethical Credentials
  • Fairly Traded and verified by BAFTS
  • Fair Trading Practices