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Bamboo Bug Hotel

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  • Fairly Traded (Externally verified)

Invite nature's hardest workers into your garden with this meticulously crafted Wood and Bamboo House. Designed specifically to cater to the needs of solitary bees, this habitat provides a safe and cosy environment for these essential pollinators. With over 240 species of solitary bees in the UK alone, this house aims to accommodate various nesting preferences, including those of red mason bees and leafcutter bees who favor tubes or tunnels.

Positioning is key for maximizing the effectiveness of your bee house. Ensure it receives ample sunlight by placing it in a south or east-facing direction, at least a meter above ground level.

Crafted from sturdy bamboo, our habitat offers a durable and waterproof shelter, ideal for bees and other insects seeking refuge. Each bamboo tube provides a snug nesting spot, allowing these busy pollinators to thrive and flourish in your garden ecosystem.

Width: 14.5 cm x Height: 17 cm xDepth: 10 cm

*Plus hanging dimensions

Made in Bali.

Ethical Credentials
  • Creates opportunity for economically disadvantaged producers
  • Respect for the environment
  • Fair Trading Practices