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Nablus Organic Olive Oil Soap (100g)

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Once you start using this pure, 100% natural, chemical-free soap from Zaytoun, you'll never go back to your regular soap choice. Coming from Nablus Soap in Palestine, this nourishing, moisturising soap is made from natural, botanical ingredients (including the world-renowned Palestinian olive oil) and does so much more than just cleaning. Family, the driving force behind Nablus Soap, have become a legend in the holy lands of Palestine. With more than 400 years experience, the family business has quite a reputation preceding it! One of the main ingredients in this bar of soap is olive oil. Olive oil respects the skins natural balance, nourishes skin intensely and keeps up the moisture content. So if you're washing your hands regularly, this means no more sore and dry skin. As it supports the self-healing ability of the skin, you'll notice the difference after just a few washes.

Ethical Credentials
  • Respect for the environment
  • Creates opportunity for economically disadvantaged producers